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Moxietec has revolutionized the plastics industry with our patent pending NautXcell™ material.

Through years of research and development, it is now possible to mold a light weight, thick cross section injection molded part out of materials such as Polypropylene, LDPE and HDPE.

Not only does the use of NautXcell™ significantly broaden the application range of plastics as we know it but it also changes what the industry once thought of as impossible. This all can be done using a standard plastic injection mold machine with no modifications.

NautXcell™ uses a unique combination of material, additives and process to achieve this game changing technology. The inner core features a cellular like structure that not only reduces weight by as much at 65%, but also features and incredible strength-to-weight ratio.

NautXcell™ is also able to achieve complexed shapes and surface features to meet application requirements.

NautXcell™ has changed the way the industry thinks of plastic and its application range. This industry changing technology will take your company or product to the next level.

With a unique combination of additives and process, NautXcell™ is able to achieve cross sections that are over 16” (406mm) in thickness and reduce part weight by as much as 65% in comparison to a solid part.

NautXcell™ has an inner cellular core that creates a sturdy structure to support an extreme strength-to-weight ratio.

This inner cellular core can also be adjusted to meet application and density requirements. This unique capability offers a broad range of applications and durability.

The cellular core structure also allows for molded parts to maintain buoyancy for nautical applications. By adjusting the internal cellular structure size, we can control how the part rides in fluid applications.

The high-strength inner core of NautXcell™ also allows for anchoring. This unique capability can eliminate components, reduce weight, and simplify design while improving strength and durability.

Testing shows that NautXcell™ also carries anti-ballistic features and has the ability to selfheal.


Travis Biggs